Omemee artist Peggy Cracknell’s photography will continue to be displayed at City Hall throughout the rest of February and into March. All are invited to visit City Hall at 26 Francis Street in Lindsay to enjoy Cracknell’s work while it is being exhibited.

Together with her husband Walter, Peggy Cracknell owns Walpeg Studios in Omemee, a studio that brings a new perspective to the earth by highlighting its hidden designs. She has decided to display canvas prints at City Hall, all of which capture the beautiful details of nature.

“Showcasing local artistry is so important to capturing the Kawartha Lakes spirit,” says Mayor Andy Letham. “We are proud to be able to exhibit Peggy’s work and we know her photography will brighten the day of whoever visits City Hall.” 

Peggy’s interest in photography began at a young age when she began capturing images of water and rocks with her father’s camera. Since then, Peggy’s work has been shown across Canada, the United States, Germany and Holland. Her work is known for its beautiful colour and composition. 

In order to showcase the work of many Kawartha Lakes artists, the artwork at City Hall changes approximately every month. If you would like your work to be featured, please contact Christine Briggs, Executive Assistant to Mayor and Council at 705-324-9411 extension 1310.  

For more information on Peggy Cracknell’s artwork, please visit the Walpeg Studios Facebook page

Local NewsDeb Crossen