By Deb Crossen

In the February 21 issue of The Kawartha Promoter, I wrote about garbage in the Municipality of Trent Lakes. At issue is the number of bags we taxpayers are allowed to take to the transfer station at any one time.

In the course of the election campaign last year, some candidates in Trent Lakes promised to make changes to the current system (a quarterly maximum) to appease seasonal residents who, while paying the same or higher taxes than year-round residents, were allowed fewer bags because of the limited time they spent in the area.

In a presentation by Peterborough County's waste management representatives at a Council meeting in February, a point was made that there is only so much space at the landfills in the area and limiting each taxpaying household to one bag a week over the course of the year was acceptable.

One reader sent me a copy of the report from Peterborough County, a link to which is included here.

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