CKL Committee Appointments

By Kirk Winter

The CKL has long functioned through a complex system of boards and committees where Councillors, staff and concerned volunteers work together for the good of the City.

Councillors were appointed to their committees at the first full meeting of the new Council, and don’t be afraid to put this list on your fridge as these committees or boards are guaranteed to impact aspects of your daily life. Councillors are appointed to these duties for their full term of office, with a review of their responsibilities in two years.

Councillors sit on these committees/boards in addition to their regular council duties.

If you have a complaint or concern about something these committees or boards do, contact the Councillor(s) listed below and they will assist you with your concerns.

Kawartha Lakes Accessibility Advisory Committee – Veale

Drainage Board – Ashmore

Kawartha Lakes Municipal Heritage Committee – Ashmore

Kawartha Lakes Haliburton Housing Corporation Board – Elmslie, Dunn

Planning Advisory Committee – Letham, Seymour-Fagan, Veale, O’Reilly

Fenelon Landfill Public Review Committee – Elmslie

Lindsay-Ops Landfill Public Review Committee – Dunn

Municipal By-law Appeals Committee – Yeo, Ashmore, Dunn

Public Library Board – Veale

Victoria Manor Committee of Management – Seymour-Fagan, Elmslie, O’Reilly

Lindsay Downtown Business Improvement Area Board – O’Reilly, Dunn

Agriculture Development Advisory Committee – Veale

Bobcaygeon CHEST Fund Grant Committee – Seymour-Fagan

Lindsay CHEST Fund Grant Committee – Dunn, O’Reilly

Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee – Richardson

Kawartha Lakes Cemetery Board – Yeo

Fenelon Falls Museum Board – Elmslie

Fenelon Falls Powerlink Committee – Elmslie

Joint Social and Housing Services Advisory Committee – Elmslie, Dunn, O’Reilly

Kinmount Committee for Planning and Economic Development – Letham, Seymour-Fagan

Lindsay Nayoro Twinning Committee – Letham, O’Reilly

Kawartha Lakes Park Advisory Committee – Letham, Seymour-Fagan, Richardson

Transit Advisory Committee – O’Reilly, Richardson

Wilson Estate Advisory Committee – Letham, Dunn, O’Reilly

Kawartha Lakes Airport Advisory Committee –Dunn

High Water Bills Appeals Committee – Yeo, Dunn, Ashmore

Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee – Letham

Kawartha Lakes Waste Management Advisory Committee – Yeo, Veale, Ashmore

Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority Board – Richardson

Kawartha Region Conservation Authority Board – Letham, Seymour-Fagan, Dunn

Otonabee Region Conservation Authority Board –Richardson

Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority Board – Yeo

Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit Board – Elmslie, Richardson

Kawartha Lakes Community Healthcare Initiative – Veale

Kawartha Lakes Police Service Board – Letham, O’Reilly

Ross Memorial Hospital Board – Ashmore

Community Police Advisory Committee (OPP) – Ashmore, Seymour-Fagan, Elmslie

City HallDeb Crossen