One-Year Lease for Dunsford

By Kirk Winter

Ward Six Councillor Ron Ashmore questioned City staff on the lease of a space at the Dunsford Community Centre for the Municipal Library.

       Ashmore was surprised the lease was only for one year, and wanted more information for interested people in his Ward.

       Ward Five Councillor, Andrew Veale, who sits on the Library Board, shared that the typical lease for City libraries was usually five years. Veale also disclosed that at public meetings with interested parties in Dunsford, the City shared that library usage at that branch was too low and the community has been given one year to up the number of users or likely the branch will be closed.

       Mayor Letham added that if numbers of users did go up there was a good chance the branch would stay open.

       Councillor Ashmore suggested that limited usage might be tied to the fact that the library was only open three days a week, and asked if it was possible that the branch could be open at least one more day.

       Vaele responded that the City is looking into hours and leases right across the library system, and changes were possible.

       Ashmore proposed that the issues surrounding the library in Dunsford be sent to the Library Board for further discussion. His request was seconded by Councillor O’Reilly.

       A report from the Library Board is expected in the near future.