Submitted by George Hewison

The Kawartha Highlands and Lakes (KHL) chapter of the Council of Canadians (C o C) believes “climate change is the central issue in our October federal election campaign,” says Peter Raymond, local Coordinator and spokesperson for the Council.

“The local chapter will be engaging all local candidates from all political parties to ensure that whoever is mandated by the people after October will have program and policies to effectively tackle the climate emergency before us,” continued Raymond.

“We will be elaborating our election plans more fully at our next meeting September 25 at the Bobcaygeon Service Centre starting at 7pm and invite all local concerned citizens in our area to attend,” he added.

The chapter has also invited a speaker from students organizing the September 27 “Climate Strike” to address the meeting. “This global mobilization by the youth of the world could go a considerable distance to shaping the election campaign, especially if youth turn out in unprecedented numbers at the October polls,” Raymond said.

The meeting will also be considering local environmental and climate change plans in the two local municipalities to see what can be done to strengthen the fight against the growing global and local environmental threat.

At the last meeting of the chapter, it was reported that while the Dewdney mega-quarry had suffered a serious setback in the courts and before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT, formerly OMB), it is still not dead; and could be resurrected. Quarries are still a major concern for local citizens. The Trent Lakes Council will be considering the matter at its regular meeting October 1.

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