By Deb Crossen

As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of local farmers’ markets.

In our July 11 issue, we printed an article about safety of buying food at farmers’ markets. The content was taken from Health Canada’s website. Some of this content, we’ve learned, does not apply to Ontario markets.

We received the information below from Kathy Martin of the Fenelon Falls Farmers’ Market.

“No farmers market can sell chicken eggs without being government graded, or can any farm or farmers market sell any unpasteurized dairy products in Ontario. Beef and poultry both have to be government inspected, approved, stamped and labelled before they are sold to the public. All farmers markets in Ontario must abide by the rules, laws and regulations set out by Farmers Market Ontario and the Health and Safety Board.”

We apologize to our local market organizers for any errors in the content we printed.

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