A Public Meeting will be held on Monday, May 27 from 6 to 8pm to determine whether there is a need for a second bridge crossing in Fenelon Falls. The meeting will be held at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre.

The City of Kawartha Lakes, through their consultant Dillon Consulting Limited, is undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to determine whether there is need for a second bridge crossing in Fenelon Falls. The recent Transportation Master Plan and, more recently, the Fenelon Falls Corridor Study identified the need for additional roadway capacity across the Trent-Severn Waterway as a way to reduce vehicle delays in the corridor during peak traffic demand times.

The project involves an assessment of the current issues in Fenelon Falls, the identification of alternative solutions to the issue, technical studies including transportation, structural, socio-economic and environmental studies, and public, stakeholder, agency and Indigenous community consultation.

The project is currently being considered as a ‘Schedule B’ project in accordance with the Municipal Class EA process. This is subject to change once the preferred alternative solution is identified. The first component of the EA process aims to determine what the issue is and to then identify a number of alternative solutions to the problem. While a second crossing is one possible solution to the traffic issues in Fenelon Falls, it is not the only one. This EA will identify and evaluate alternative solutions in consultation with the community to determine what the optimal outcome is for Fenelon Falls.

This Public Information meeting will include a presentation by the Project Team, followed by a series of interactive activities where attendees can provide input on the project. Members of the public, businesses, stakeholder groups, Indigenous communities, government agencies and other interested parties are all encouraged to participate in the discussion.

You are invited to attend the PIC and encouraged to provide your input. If you cannot attend the PIC and would like to know more information and/or provide comments, please visit

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