Submitted by Leora Berman

The Land Between bioregion is found in southcentral Ontario, between the Canadian Shield and St. Lawrence Lowlands, and spanning from the Georgian Bay Coast across 9 counties to the Ottawa Valley. It is virtually the last mainly intact wilderness left in southern Ontario, and as such is a final refuge for many common species in Ontario such as the black bear, moose, river otter, osprey and ruby throated hummingbird. It is also the last stronghold for 57 Federally listed species at risk and an additional 30 listed provincially, including the Blanding’s turtle, Loggerhead Shrike, Common Nighthawk, Little Brown Bat, Western Chorus Frog, Eastern Ribbon snake, Five Lined Skink and more.

Because of its diversity, richness, but also it’s physiographic features, the Land Between provides a wealth of ecosystem services that support the health and vitality of both southern Ontario and northern Ontario, and especially during Climate Change.

Both The Land Between bioregion and the charity received due recognition and also support in a grant awarded by Environment Canada, as one of only 15 areas across Canada chosen under the Community-Nominated Priority Places program. This project (in collaboration with 10 partners) is expected to benefit 57 species at risk, including the little brown bat, the eastern (Algonquin) wolf, and the golden-winged warbler. Details on other projects will be released over the coming months, as agreements with local partners are finalized.

“We will be using agile, innovative mapping and integrative and strategic planning, but equally importantly, we will use a collaborative and community approach to achieve many of our goals under this grant, working directly with landowners for all species, but especially when it comes to Algonquin Wolf,” said Leora Berman, Founder and Chief Officer of the Land Between charity.

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