Choristers' Corner

By April Scott

The choristers all survived the really cold temps last week and came out to practice just before the snow arrived ready to melt as the temps began to rise! Some people were away in warmer climes and others were recovering from ailments but the practice was a good one. We're relearning numbers from a few years ago while waiting for some new music to arrive.

The choir is still accepting new voices to the group and if you are at all interested in joining these fun loving people you still have time to start in on the Spring Concert Music. Practices are held on Tuesday nights at the Retirement Suites on West Street at 7pm. Come to the front entrance and take a right at the aquarium down the long corridor and you are there. Failing this, just call our Director, Bob Plummer, at 705-731-1060 for further information.

Unfortunately, Vivian (our accompanist) was snowed in after the last storm and we cannot manage without her. Consequently practice was cancelled but of course we all went over our music in the comfort of our own homes.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention how grateful we are to the Retirement Suites for allowing us to use the room with a grand piano for our practices. Not only that, the kitchen staff very generously leave a big platter of cookies and muffins along with coffee for us during our break. A big round of applause, please!

No date has been confirmed for the Spring Concert as yet but it will be posted on our Facebook page before too long and you will also find it here.

Until we can bring you more news…just keep warm, enjoy the snow when you can and maybe we will see you at practice one of these days.

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