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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 21:05

Blandings turtles a development issue

By Glenna Burns

            Many important Ontario Municipal Board hearings and decisions have been based on the presence of “threatened” Blanding's turtles on wetland sites slated for development or mining.

            One hearing that began Sept. 13 in Woodview is the Fraser Wetlands case on Stoney Lake. Another ongoing issue is the Dewdney Mountain Farms mega quarry development near Nogies Creek.

            Success in saving such areas from development and environmental destruction rests almost solely on the

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 21:00

Always a child waiting to meet you

Big Sister of the year, Rawn, with her little sister Annarose


            September is Big Brother Big Sister Month across Canada—and here in Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton, more than 50 children are waiting right now for

            Library staff in Bethany and Kirkfield will help with municipal permits and information as Kawartha Lakes closes its Service Centres in those two villages.

            Council approved July 12 the Core Service recommendation to move assets and human resources of the Bethany and Kirkfield Service Centres into the remaining

By Glenna Burns

            Picard Lake cottagers want Trent Lakes to keep an 11-acre parcel described as Block 20 on Picard Lake (west of Highway 507) as “open space”—the way it has been since 1985.

            Joanne Brown told council on behalf of the cottagers association July 12 that lake residents have come to

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:00

City pauses for arena rethink

            It appears Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham was listening during his flurry of town hall meetings throughout city communities earlier this month. He came to council July 12 with a memo on community centres—which council approved—that gives more weight to community needs, and not just

            Kawartha Lakes council approved a July 12 motion by Mayor Andy Letham asking CAO Ron Taylor to do the impossible: figure out how to cut $2.5 million from the budget next year—with minimal disruption to existing service levels.

            But not before Ward 6 Councillor Doug Elmslie had asked where

Law enforcement, not racism

            I am writing this email to address some of the untruths in your article of July 15 (From my perch, page 3).

            Firstly, I agree totally that ALL LIVES MATTER. I disagree that there is systemic racism within police services both in the United States and in Canada. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

            I recognize that not all police shootings are justified, but 99 percent have been

By Benjamin Stone

            The body is capable of burning both fat and sugar (glucose) as its fuel sources. The fat-burning state is called ketosis.

            The key to activating a state of ketosis is increasing the amount of good fat in your diet. Naturally you will eat less sugar and carbs due to the satiety you will achieve from your now-good-fat-heavy meals.

            There are highly concentrated

            Giant Hogweed, a very large perennial plant with serious health risks, has been identified at three sites in Kawartha Lakes. Two are near the intersection of Killarney Bay Road and Chambers Road and one’s on CKL Road 121 near Kinmount.

            “If you come across (Giant Hogweed), or believe you have it on your property, do NOT

            Aaah, summer. I’m standing thigh-deep in a warm, lazy river in the secret Kawarthas, waving a magic wand—a fly-fishing rod.

            Beneath that placid surface, just where the riffles end and the water deepens under the overhanging pine, smallmouth bass are

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