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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 19:27

Minaajim: Good Stories from Curve Lake - The Unbeatable Ball Team

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As told by Doug Williams to Julie Kapyrka

            Curve Lake was always good at ball (baseball). Curve Lakers were well known around this area for playing really good ball. It was interesting – little towns around here would come see if they could beat us. Teams came from Ennismore, Keene, Assumption, Lakefield, and Rockcroft; but nobody could beat Curve Lake.

            The backbone of the Curve Lake ball team in those days was the pitcher and the catcher. Between them with their ability to

communicate with signals and certain yells, they were able to bamboozle the opposition so that they were totally confused.

            The pitcher was Stanley, who was perhaps the best pitcher Curve Lake ever produced. He had all kinds of pitches: a fast ball, a curve ball, and his favourite, the splitter, that started with a very fast movement but then would break down slowly before reaching the plate. Stan would often stand on the pitching mound and laugh his head off. That would really intimidate the opposition.

            The catcher was Amos, who was the bane of the batter. He would taunt the batter with, “You swing like a rusty gate, eiiinhhhhh eiiinnhhh eiiihnnnnn.” He would cajole, he would entertain – he was in total command of the field from his vantage point where he called out directions to everybody.

            At 1st base was Hollis, who never missed the ball in that position. Then there was Johnny-Pot at 2nd base. No bases could ever be stolen when he was there.

            The shortstop was manned by a couple people who took turns: Wendall and Austin. Wendall was a quick little individual who had moves like a cat and no in-field hit would ever get by him. The guy could jump 20 feet to catch a line drive. He was famous for that.

            At 3rd base was Nelson whose forte was never missing a groundball, and for his strong arm, that always got the ball to first before the runners ever had a chance.

            Playing centre outfielder - my favourite outfielder - was Buddy, who caught the ball like Willie Mays on his great big chest. You would hear the “!boom!” at home plate when the ball hit his chest.

            Right field, who also sometimes played 2nd base, was Johnny Jacobs, who had incredible footwork. Before he would catch the ball he would do amazing gymnastic and acrobatic moves and fill the air with a blur of hands and feet while never missing a ball.

            Left field was Mervin, who also played the in-field. He was long and lean and wore his hat to one side.

            That completes the A-team. These are the guys that never got beat.

            Curve Lake has a different team now and the bloodlines of those baseball greats still run strong…but that is another story.

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