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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 21:33

New party challenges councillors

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            The Bobcaygeon-based Social Media Party (SMP) is asking all members of Kawartha Lakes council to respond to three yes-or-no questions by Nov. 15.

            Responses will be collated and tabulated and the results posted on the SMP website at socialmediaparty.ca. Party secretary Peter Weygang warns in an email to the councillors that no response “will be interpreted as a negative response.”

            The questions are:

• Are you committed to the concept, support, and implementation, of Direct Democracy in the City of Kawartha Lakes?

• Are you prepared to actively work towards the re-establishment of the regions, and political structure, of Victoria County as it existed prior to amalgamation?                                                    

• Will you insist that voting in the next municipal election be done by the traditional, verifiable, and transparent, method of the paper-and-pencil ballot box?

            In notes accompanying the questions, the SMP asserts that the people have an inalienable right to self determination by governing themselves directly—quoting Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and referencing the birth of democracy in Athens, Greece in 509 BCE.

            They note that Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Bashar al-Assad, were all legally elected by the political party system in their countries, aka representative democracy.

            “The people of Victoria County were served better by their smaller, local governments,” says the SMP correspondence. “They felt closer to, and more involved in, the decision making process. Financial matters were handled much better, and with more consideration for the impact on taxpayers.”

            They add a concern that some of the voting machines used in the last municipal election were defective, and serious errors may have occurred. “Hand tallied scores, supervised by scrutineers, is the only system that satisfies the stringent requirements of elections.”

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