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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 19:12

Village Voice—Letters to the Editor - 161021

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Hearing concern was about jets

            Thank you, Mr. Baldwin, for your letter dated Sept. 28 (Airports made us prosper, page 4).

            I agree wholeheartedly with you that the Kawartha Lakes Municipal Airport is an asset to our community. We live near the

airport and enjoy watching the planes flying over us.

            As a mother, it gives me peace of mind to know that our airport is nearby for any medical emergencies that would require care elsewhere. The noise levels from our local airport have not been a concern to me.

            The concern is primarily with the sound pressure levels of large jet aircraft which we do not have in our airport. As a Doctor of Audiology, I am equally interested in educating people about avoiding hearing loss due to noise exposure as well as helping people to manage their existing hearing loss.

Anne Marie Sinasac-Roy, Bobcaygeon Hearing Service & Lindsay Ear Clinic



The foxes amongst the chickens

            The paranoia about walls makes me believe that people have never heard of Hadrian’s Wall, the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, the Israeli Wall, or the thousands of walls that encircled medieval cities throughout Europe.

            Our forts, and trading posts, show that palisades, and protective fences, have been used throughout Canada’s history.

            In most North American cities—indeed throughout the world—there are gated communities. I lived in one in Colombia, and in Guangzhou, China.

            Walls serve a prudent role in keeping people safe. What is wrong with that?

            The truth is that national borders, trade barriers, or walls of any kind, material or legal, are anathema to big business.

            Billionaire traders are the foxes promoting globalization, and international trade. They are the only ones well fed by a policy of fenceless chicken coops.

Peter Weygang



Help my brother

            My brother, Alan Horner, has entered Case Community Care Home, 28 Boyd Ave., Bobcaygeon. He used to play the piano but now doesn't have any music.

            Also he plays chess but there doesn't appear to be anyone in the home to play with him.

            Is there anyone local who could help supply him with music, and also spend some time playing chess?

            Your help would be appreciated.

June Oliver
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Driving school bylaw a mistake

            I have been an instructor at Young Drivers in Lindsay for the past 15 years. I am also a resident in the City Of Kawartha Lakes since 1985.

            If the proposed bylaw affecting driving instructors comes to pass (Driving school bylaw could ruin business, Page ?), then effective driving instruction will be next to impossible to teach and my job will become obsolete.

            The idea of effective instruction is to make the student as comfortable as possible in as many situations as possible—driving in heavy traffic, with pedestrians, lane changes, turning at traffic lights and parallel parking between cars.

            We all know in Lindsay these conditions only occur in the downtown core.

            Students must have confidence in these situations to be successful on their government road tests—and to survive on the streets after they pass the test. Proper driving instruction cannot be achieved if they can’t drive in the restricted area between 8:30 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

            I’ve heard it argued that we don’t need driving instructors. New drivers can learn from friends, family or neighbours. We’re just glorified taxi drivers who simply sit and watch as the student drives.

            Not so.

            We are trained professionals, like any teacher. We must meet Ontario Ministry of Transportation standards. We have the ability to take physical control of the vehicle at any time to prevent the student from causing a crash.

            If we are so irrelevant, why does the insurance industry give discounts to students who complete a course? Why does the government allow students to get their next level of licence four months quicker?

            The answer is that we do make a difference. We teach our students their road tests—and we give parents a sense of relief knowing their children have the skills and confidence to survive on the busy streets wherever their lives take them.

            As a driving instructor, I don’t only teach new drivers. In CKL, we have a large population of seniors, who also use us to help prepare for their required road tests.

            I’m wondering the cause of this proposed bylaw?

            Is it because of the influx of Toronto driving schools in our area? Many residents see them as a nuisance to our town, who take away “our” road test times.

            Let’s look at it from a different point of view. They bring money to Lindsay. The cars they drive need gas. The students need food and they spend time and money at the mall.

            Lindsay is a tourist town. Shouldn’t we want more people to come here?

             The only way students learn is to spend time driving amongst the other drivers on the roads. They cannot learn in quiet residential streets, in parking lots or with driving simulation.

             Driving is a life skill, so people need to learn from instructors who have more knowledge, better technical driving skills, are up to date with provincial and municipal rules and regulations, and are regularly tested to maintain their teaching levels.

Jody Benson,


Thanks Coby and area folks

            The Coboconk and Area Food Bank volunteers would like to thank everyone who baked, who bought, who spread the word, who shared their space.

            Our third annual Thanksgiving Weekend Bake Sale was a big success. In fact, thanks to all of you, we set a record. We raised $1,400 from the sale of baked goods and tickets for give away goodies.

            All the money goes to support our food bank, serving Coboconk, Norland, Kirkfield and Burnt River—and points in between.

            Amazing. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Jane Andrew



Local businesses can prosper

            With small-business-week recognitions this month, I thought I'd let you know that my very own business has been successfully around for 10 years this October.

            I remember when I first started, and how my business quickly expanded to a full service to other small businesses like mine.

            I saw the need that small-business people faced—for lower quantities of product and affordable prices. Creating affordable products became part of my growth, and with the addition of new items and services, it has evolved and grown.

            Customer service and my personal touch have gone a long way.  

            My biggest thank you goes to my customers who, in turn, referred others.

            Thought you'd like to know. Thank you for supporting local businesses.

Liz Phillips

Fenelon Falls

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