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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 18:50

Heal the cell to get well

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By Benjamin Stone

            Today we discuss how to reverse disease and heal the body.

            In short, all we have to do is kick the biotoxins, heavy metals, and infections to the curb. Remove these interferences, and the body heals itself.

            I’ve already explained how toxins cause cellular inflammation and block the body’s natural ability to

expel toxins from its cells. The toxins also inhibit the body’s ability to absorb the vital nutrients that are needed for survival.

            Eventually, this path leads to collapse in the regulation of our immune systems, and allows even more toxins to invade the body. It’s a vicious cycle that spirals into various symptoms and disease states, both physical and mental.

            Let me start by saying a healthy diet is essential to this process, whether it be a completely raw, vegan, plant-based diet or a healthy ketogenic (high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate) diet.

            In either case, you must be very sure to consume vast amounts of healthy fats as a primary fuel source, plus tons of nutrient dense non-starchy vegetables—especially leafy greens—and a moderate amount of clean protein.

            In most cases, however, a healthy diet alone will NOT be the only solution to clearing the body’s toxic burden. You’ll also need the right blend of herbal supplements, with additional critical nutrients, to open detox pathways, remove the toxic sources, repair the cellular membranes and quell cellular (or systemic) inflammation.

            This supplement protocol will help bathe the cells in nutrients and boost the health and production of the mitochondria (energy-producing parts of your cells), and will also re-establish cellular methylation (a process requiring specific nutrients that helps us with thinking, repairing DNA, turning genes on and off, fighting infections and getting rid of environmental toxins)

            It is also essential, in this process, to use true binders to permanently grab the toxins as they are released and carry them out of the body to prevent auto-intoxication and potential exacerbation of symptoms.

            This cellular treatment protocol, known as “True Cellular Detox”, is characterized by going upstream (or deeper) into the cellular level. We must go beyond the customary excretory organs (like the liver and kidneys) to unblock, detox, nutrify and heal the cell.

            Exploring and experiencing cellular detox may just be the missing link to your wellness challenges.

            Until you heal the cell, you’ll never get well.

            Benjamin Stone is a certified Hippocrates Health Educator, a plant-based nutritionist, and a bio-energy and holistic health practitioner, focused on the whole human experience and specializing in true cellular detoxification. He owns and operates The Green Owl Natural Health Store and Clinic.

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