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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 19:53

How toxins cause disease

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By Benjamin Stone

            In the last article, I introduced you to the “Three Amigos,” a cute title for a host of biologically dangerous toxins that often co-habit and work synergistically in your body.

            In this episode, I’ll give you an overview of how toxins cause cellular inflammation, break down our natural

detox pathways, cripple our ability to absorb nutrients and throw off our immune systems.

            So, how DO toxins affect our biological systems, leading to disease?

            Basically, they cause cellular inflammation by blocking the normal processes of the cell, and in some cases shutting down detox genes. Additionally, cells become blocked from absorbing nutrients, picking up hormone signals, and releasing toxins.

            Thus begins the path to disease. 

            We end up with a suppressed immune system that allows additional biotoxins, heavy metals and infections to invade. Eventually, this leads to auto-immunity issues, where the once-healthy immune system begins attacking itself. 

            All of this leads to cellular dysfunction, poor energy production and broken cell-to-cell communication. Physical and mental symptoms start to manifest, leading eventually to disease states like metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, cancer—and frankly, every other malady.

            Next in this introductory series, I will discuss solutions for reversing disease and healing the body by removing cellular interference, and feeding the cells with the vital nutrients they need to restore our life-force powerhouse.

            Stay well and I look forward to seeing you in the next article.

            Benjamin Stone is a holistic health practitioner, certified Hippocrates Health Educator, and plant-based nutritionist, focused on the whole human experience and specializing in true cellular detoxification. He is proprietor of The Green Owl Natural Health Store and Clinic.

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