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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 19:39

From my perch-Oct. 7, 2016-Wind Power

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            The province’s announcement it’s suspending its program to encourage solar farms and wind farms (Large Renewable Energy Procurement) must be bittersweet for Manvers Wind Concerns (MWC).

            That citizens group has been fighting a furious but losing battle against four wind-farm projects on the Oak Ridges Moraine since well before

I came on board here.

            They’ve had small victories, forcing developers to scale back and provide more environmental remediation.

            But as spokesperson Paul Reid emailed about the recent government announcement: “Existing contracts will be ‘honoured,’ so we will still be watching these destructive projects go up—but at least the gravy train is stopped in it's tracks for now.”

            He goes on to say “the battle is not over until every silly turbine stops spinning.”

            And therein lies part of the problem for this citizens group—their apparent unbending opposition to all alternative energy projects, and their determination to see their elected provincial government as both evil and incompetent.

            Agreed, all governments occasionally do bad things—and often act incompetently. But so do all businesses, families and individuals—yeah, me too.

            But I cannot understand this absolute opposition to wind-powered electrical generation.

            Our reliance on fossil fuels like coal, oil and even natural gas is leading to catastrophic climate change. The evidence is overwhelming; we’re already seeing consequences.

            Nuclear may seem a better option, but the problem of storing radioactive spent fuel, and possible cataclysmic meltdown (Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, Fukushima), certainly give pause.

            Solar and wind generation are the best options we have at the moment. If we want to keep using energy—and I suspect the Manvers people differ little from the rest of us in that regard—we must compromise.

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